Anadrol Pills: Info, Benefits And Side Effects

Before you purchase an Anadrol 50 legal alternative, you should know more about the real version of it. You should basic info about Anadrol steroid and the benefits and side effects it causes. This will be discussed throughout the rest of this article, and we will tell you why you should choose legal Anadrol steroids over real ones.

About Anadrol 50

This is theĀ  brand name of a potent oral steroid oxymetholone. Anadrol pills started to appear on the market in the 60s, and it was marketed as having numerous therapeutic benefits. Some of the benefits mentioned included treating anemia, gastrointestinal disease and osteoporosis. It was also marketed as a way to treat chronic underweight issues.

However, just like most steroids, Anadrol came under heavy scrutiny and eventually it became illegal to possess and use without a prescription. As of now, Oxymetholone is approved in America to treat muscle wasting diseases and anemia.

You are probably wondering why people who workout took it and why bodybuilders favored this steroid for many years. Well, read on to learn what the benefits of Anadrol were and you’ll see why it was widely used in the bodybuilding world.


Anadrol steroids have long been considered the “go to” steroid for gaining overall muscle mass and strength gains. This is because it is known for being extremely potent and fast acting. A lot of people have gained 10-30 pounds within their first 4-5 weeks of taking it. This means you can go from skinny or average to extremely big in just under two months.

Bodybuilders have added this steroid to their bulking stack because it has the ability to speedup results. A bulking stack on its own can deliver mind blowing results, but Anadrol can take things up a notch.

In short, the main benefits of this particular steroid include:

. Extremely potent
. Gain mass
. Incredible strength gains
. Can be stacked

Those are only the main benefits. Other benefits include increase confidence, more energy and enhanced performance. When people take this steroid, then they will quickly feel its effects.

Side Effects

As the case is with most anabolic steroids, this one will shut down testosterone production. This means your body won’t produce testosterone on its own when you start using the steroids. Not only that, but there’s a chance you will have mood swings and you could end up suffering from depression. Insomnia is another unwanted side effect this steroid is known for causing, so if you have trouble sleeping as it is, then this steroid is not for you.

Like most steroids, you are putting yourself at risk of developing liver damage with Anadrol. You’ll also be at risk of breaking out with body acne and facial acne. Men may develop breasts as a result of using the steroid, and male breasts can be incredibly difficult to get rid of.

In short, the side effects of Adrol include:

. Shuts down testosterone production
. Depression
. Insomnia
. Liver damage
. Acne
. Breast development

Legal Adrol 50

As you can see, the side effects should make anyone think twice about taking it. This steroid can cause severe health issues, but legal alternatives to popular anabolic steroids are out there. They are known as legal steroids, and there is legal Anadrol tablets. In fact, legal Adrol 50 is highly effective and can help you get the same results that you would get with the illegal version.

By choosing to take the legal version, you won’t have to worry about the serious side effects that real Anadrol pills can cause. If you want to gain mass and strength, but you don’t really want to take the real thing, then turn to legal Adrol 50.

Legal Adrol pills can be bought online. As previously mentioned, legal Adrol is effective. If you want to get good results, but you don’t want to take real Anadrol tablets, then you can buy Anadrol online, but in its alternative form, aka its legal alternative. You can find legal Anadrol for sale on many legit sites, so stop wishing you could get steroid-like results and start getting them. Order today and start on transforming your body in ways you’ve only dreamed of.