Basic Strategies For Limiting Muscle Loss And Other Problems During Your Cutting Cycle

During a cutting cycle, you have two main goals: to harden and sculpt your muscles and to shred all of your excess fat. This is how incredible physiques are built. Steroid cycles always have these two elements and thus, if you aren’t bulking, you should either be cutting or giving your body a rest. Before you start your first cutting stack, however, there are a few things that you need to know about muscle loss and how to prevent it.

New Gains Mean New Pains And New Energy And Nutritional Needs

Both a bulking stack and a steroid cutting stack is designed to make your body do more than it is physiologically capable of doing. As such, your body will be able to make more muscle than would normally be possible when no outside support is supplied. What it won’t be able to do is successfully support all of this new muscle over the long-term. That is why people tend to lose a lot of their gains during steroid cutting cycles. Their bodies gain so much muscle, so fast, that they never really have the chance or the resources for learning how to maintain it. New muscle mass gets the metabolism working at a frenzy and within a short while, muscles are being burned for fuel. When you stop bulking, your primary goal should be to prevent this. Even before you start shopping for steroid cutting stacks, you should have a strategic diet and workout plan in place for preventing this occurrence or for at least limiting its effects.

Get Your Bulking To Cutting Ratio Right

One thing that you have to understand is that you aren’t obligated to maintain a one to one bulking and cutting ratio. Cutting will cause you to lose gains and even seasoned builders lose approximately 30 of the new mass they’ve gained each time they follow their bulking cycles with steroid cutting stacks. Some people assert that the best cutting cycles always occur after two consecutive bulks. This two to one ratio often results in huge gains and relatively minimal losses. Some bodybuilders alternatively maintain a bulk, bulk, bulk, cut pattern or a three to one ratio. This combination is incredibly intense and you will ultimately have to find a pattern that works best for you. As a general rule, be sure to start with a one to one ratio as this will give you the clearest understanding of how each cycle type affects your body. You should also note that when you move away from the standard bulk, cut, bulk, cut pattern or the basic one to one ratio, you will additionally need to alter formula types and the specific steroids you’re using along with their doses. The best cutting stack for a one to one ratio may not be the best cutting stack for a three to one ratio.

Never Skip Post Cycle Therapy Before Your Steroid Cutting Cycle

Before starting the best steroid cutting stack for your bulk to cutting ratio, always take a break and run post cycle therapy. If you don’t account for the additional stress that steroids place on your body, this stress will eventually catch up to you. Your post cycle therapy should last no less than four to six weeks. In an ideal world, breaks between cycles would always last as long as the cycles themselves so that no toxicity remains and systems and functions have the opportunity to regain their balance before being pummeled with stress against. This is the hallmark of responsible steroid use – this and the maintenance and respect of moderate and manageable dosing schedules while on cycle. You can never have your absolute best cutting cycle until you’ve given your body a sufficient break and some healing support.

Getting Started: Planning Your Best Steroid Cutting Cycle

Bulking cycles invariably precede cutting cycles even if you start out a bit overweight. You gain muscles, then you firm them up by stripping away any excess fat. Before you start your first serious use of cutting stacks, however, try a standalone cutting product that boasts several different capabilities. Some of the best steroid cutting cycles do not involve product stacks at all, particularly when bodybuilders are just getting started out. Although you might have a better understanding of how your body responds to steroids in general after your first big bulk, learning how your body reacts to even the very best cutting stacks is another experience entirely.