Different Types Of HGH Pills

There are many variants of human growth hormone (HGH) pills or supplements that supposedly help build stronger muscle tissues and bones, and also reverse aging signs. The variations of these HGH pills include bodybuilding supplements, anabolic agents, anti-aging supplements, and secretagogues or enhancers. These HGH supplements can be bought in the form of pills – for instance, there is Somatropin for sale in many drugstores. Other forms include sprays, powders, creams, drops, injections and patches. Usually, injections happen to be the most expensive, and they’re also the most troubling (in terms of side effects). These injections are not legal to consume in most countries without a doctor prescription.

The safest versions of HGH supplements are called HGH secretagogues, HGH enhancers, or HGH boosters. These HGH supplements do not comprise HGH, but they push the pituitary gland to do its trick so that natural HGH is made and enters the bloodstream. Therefore, these HGH supplements are considered safe and don’t need a prescription. These supplement-form stimulants work to awaken a portion of the pituitary gland to make HGH. However, if the pituitary gland has issues or is in a damaged state, these supplements will not repair the gland or make the pituitary gland produce more HGH.

Generally, anabolic agents are considered high-risk as they comprise the synthetic variants of testosterone, a male sex hormone. Anabolics can tremendously help with increasing muscle mass. However, the supplements’ long-term effect could hurt one’s overall physical health. Though anabolic agents are available to purchase in some nations, they cannot be bought over-the-counter (OTC) or sans a doctor prescription. Anabolic agents come in the form of patches, injections, and pills.

HGH supplements’ purpose is increasing HGH levels in the bloodstream. This hormone can basically help create and maintain strong muscles and bones as it speeds up the cell replication process, and also the time the body takes for healing from cellular damage. Among athletes, HGH is fairly common because it helps with building muscle mass, and increasing strength, height and endurance.

People who are keen on maintaining their youthful appearance typically take up HGH supplements to delay aging or reverse its signs. HGH could help with maintaining the hair’s pigment and preventing the skin’s premature wrinkling. Also, these HGH supplements can help with improving the memory and concentration levels of an individual, besides assisting with curing some diseases relating to age such as diabetes, osteoporosis, and some variants of cancer.