How Steroids Have Gained Popularity Among Sports Enthusiasts

Anabolic Steroids were originally designed for medical purposes with testosterone being the first steroid to have ever been produced. Its creation was the synthesis of cholesterol. Today, steroids are making news in the athletics world for all bad reasons. You will often hear that an athlete has tested positive for steroids and the cases are becoming far too many. This is just how steroids have gained popularity because of their perceived and real action on the body. The use of steroids in the world of sports is dated back in the early 1950s in Vienna, which was known as the home of weight lifting. Some coaches admitted that they had been subjecting their sportsmen to steroid injections and since there were no regulations restricting the use of steroids, athletes and other professionals, including sports organizations did not have any issues with steroids. Several doctors under the guide of Dr. Ziegler set out to design an oral testosterone that would later become a powerful and more superior supplement. This product would then be called Dianabol, which came out as the most powerful steroid. Today, Dianabol remains one of the best – buy legal steroids that help professional athletes and bodybuilders to gain more muscle mass, energy and develop stamina and quick recovery after strenuous exercises.

Types of Legal Steroids

After many years of trials and developments of steroids, there are many types of steroids today. They come as injectables, pills and oral forms. Today, oral steroids are the most common and most sought-after roids on the market. For obvious reasons, injectable steroids are not popular among sports enthusiasts since many people do not want to inject substances into their blood stream. Steroids can either be bulking or cutting steroids. Bulking steroids may be taken in to assist with cutting and vice versa, but most people will prefer to use specific steroids for cutting and bulking for respective purposes. Below are some of the common supplements that may be used as bulking steroids:

• Testosterone Enanthate
• Dianabol
• Sustanon 250
• Anadrol
• Deca Durabolin
• Testosterone Cypionate

On the other hand, cutting steroids have become so popular because of the growing fear for obesity among many people. Here are some of the cutting steroids that you may find in the market.

• Testosterone Propionate
• Primobolan
• Winstrol
• Anavar
• Trenbolone
• Masteron
• Equipoise

Bulking and cutting stacks can be used independently or may be combined with other supplements for maximum results. The act of combining several steroid supplements is called stacking. It is done to bring about faster and better results. A cycle is where anabolic steroids are taken for a period of time. A cycle may include an oral steroid stacked with one or two injectable steroids. The reason many people like oral steroids is that they have a shorter half-life, hence they begin to function faster. On the other hand, injections have a half-life of about 3-4 weeks and may take more time before they are converted into useful compounds in the body. The main reason for stacking is to have quick results, which is why oral steroids are the most commonly stacked supplements.

Ideally, a cycle should last 10-12 weeks, especially if the stacks used are injectables while oral stacks will last up to 6 weeks. This saves the liver from straining, hence a safer option for steroid enthusiasts. To help speed up the production of natural testosterone, a PCT is performed after the end of the cycle. This is important as it helps to avoid losing on the gains made over the cycle period.

Usefulness of Steroids

Increased strength: when used appropriately, steroids increase the strength significantly and at a higher rate. Under normal circumstances, a person may see weekly improvements in strength that would otherwise have taken years to be realized.

Muscle Growth:  Perhaps this is the main reason why many people are now looking for steroids. Steroids are designed to increase the muscle growth at an extremely high rate. For example, a muscle mass gained in a 12-week cycle could take 3-4 years to achieve under normal circumstances, such as training.

Anti Catabolic effects: This is the main purpose for observing a cycle while retaining a caloric deficit diet. Ordinarily, a normal person who diets is expected to lose some muscle mass together with some fats. For those who are on steroid cycles, it is possible to maintain or grow their muscle mass because of the anti-catabolic properties of anabolic steroids.

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