Parabolan: What Is It, Pros And Cons

What is Parabolan and what were the pros and cons of it? Are there alternatives you can buy? Let’s answer these questions, as well as tell you what the pros and cons of Parabolan, and then you can decide if you want to purchase legal alternatives to it.

About Parabolan

It was a brand that was available for only a short period of time, and eventually it became discontinued altogether. For a longtime, Parabolan was the only injectable item that contained Trenbolone, a very potent anabolic steroid. In 1997, it was pulled off the market and now no real Parabolan online can be purchased anywhere, including the black market.

There are a lot of fake Parabolan products out there. However, you can buy legal steroid alternatives that mimic the effects of the real thing.

Parabolan Pros

For starters, it was very versatile, and could be taken as part of a bulking stack or cutting cycle. This means bodybuilders could take it to gain bulk during the off-season or to get ripped for the day of their show. Very few steroids were as versatile as this one, and even today, other forms/variants of Trenbolone are just as versatile.

Bulking while on this particular steroid was easy. If a person ate sensibly and took the right amount of the steroid, then they could easily bulk up. Adding 10-20 pounds to one’s frame was easily attainable within the first few weeks of starting a cycle. It was also good for strength building proposes and conditioning purposes. A lot of people were able to make incredible strength gains while on Parabolon and they were able to improve their cardiovascular performance, thanks to the compounds in it that helped with conditioning.

The steroid was effective at helping people burn fat while packing on size. This was one of the main reasons it was popular for a longtime.

To sum up the pros, they are as followed:

. Bulking
. Strength
. Conditioning
. Versatile

Just remember, illegal anabolic steroids may come with an array of benefits, but they are illegal and not safe to take. Most steroids have to be injected and you can become seriously ill or injured taking them. Some of the negative side effects will be discussed in the next section.

Parabolan Cons

It is known for causing an array of side effects, with one being high blood pressure. As you know, there are many negative health issues that can be caused by high blood pressure. Also, it can lead to hypertension if people do not eat healthy while taking it.

It can also convert into estrogen, which many steroids do, but there was not really any good compounds in Parabolan to prevent this from happening. This means men could develop breasts while on it. Some cases can be taken care of without surgery, but sometimes the only effective option for getting rid of make breasts is surgery.

Libido can be affected too, and in a bad way. Many men who have taken the steroid have reported decrease libido and even hair loss. Losing hair while taking real steroids is actually a common side effect, which is why people should think twice about touching any anabolic steroid. Men have also experienced testicle shrinkage while on the steroid.

To sum up the cons, they are :

. High blood pressure
. Estrogen conversion
. Breast development
. Affects libido
. Hair loss
. Testicle shrinkage

Anabolic steroids work very well, but they cause severe side effects. Simply put, they are not worth taking.

Find Legal Parabolan For Sale

You can’t buy Parabolan because it was completely discontinued. Alternatives on the other hand are both legal and can be purchased online. A good legal alternative, such as Tbal75, mimics the effects of Parabolan. Best of all, you won’t suffer serious health consequences because it is far safer to take the alternative than the real thing. If your goal is to gain bulk, improve your conditioning and increase your strength, then purchase the legal version of Parabolan.

If you think you can find real Parabolan for sale or if someone says they have it, then think again. It simply doesn’t exist anymore, but legal alternatives do. Stop dreaming about being bigger and better, and start working towards accomplishing your fitness goals by ordering an alternative today.