Somatropin – Artificial Human Growth Hormone

Somatropin is a group name for any human growth hormone that is synthetically produced. In most cases it is an exact copy of the hormone, that is one of the most useful and valuable hormone that our body produces. It is important to note that despite being known by many people as Somatropin steroid, in reality, it is not an anabolic steroid. Despite the huge similarities in between, they have quite some differences. The Somatropin hormone, i.e HGH is a protein hormone, that is being produced in the pituitary gland and its production starts with birth and continues all the way through a persons life, regardless of sex and or diet. Obviously, there are ways to speed up its production, but they are in most cases not effective enough. This is where Somatropin tablets and Somatropin pills come in, allowing you to increase the amount of HGH hormone in an easy and controlled way.

Why would you want that, though? Obviously, because HGH has tons of benefits in both medical use, as well as in performance enhancing area. Its basic function is to send signals to the muscle cells, bones, and tissues and encourage them to grow bigger, i.e it is working to encourage muscle growth and weight loss. Due to its nature, it also reduces the sensitivity of the body towards insulin, which indirectly also leads to fat loss. It is commonly prescribed for patients with severe burns, dwarfism and is popular treatment against HIV and AIDS. Last but not least, it is featured in almost all anti-aging treatments, as it takes an important part in helping your skin tighten.It is important to note that besides this, the Somatropin also is responsible for the growth of bones and internal organs and is used for calming properties, especially by patients suffering from insomnia.

Besides its popularity in medicine, the Somatropin has a lot of benefits for professional athletes and bodybuilders. It is most commonly used as a part of a cycling stack, as by itself it is not as effective, but combined with a proper anabolic steroid and effective workout/diet combination it can drastically improve the results you are seeing. The Human growth hormone is incredibly effective at boosting recovery times, as this allow more workouts and faster results, without having to sacrifice a lot of time for rest. Most bodybuilders use the hormone daily, but there are some who prefer to use it only for their cutting cycles during the off-season, because of its positive effects on your metabolic rate, allowing you to burn more fats, and in addition protecting the muscle tissues from injury and weakening. Another benefit of the HGH is the increased production of IGF-1, where both hormones share a lot of similarities and benefits, as IFG-1 is also responsible for muscle growth and strengthening the muscle tissues.You should also plan around the fact that the effects of using Somatropin are most noticeable after 6-8 weeks of use, so don’t expect magical immediate results.

Thanks to the fact that Somatropin is an exact copy of the naturally produced HGH it is quite safe and has a low amount of side effects, which are mostly a result of a high dosage. Also, the initial shock of increased amount of the hormone in your body can lead to short-term side effects, till your body reacts and adapts to it. This includes small things like irritation in the injected area or small pumps in the area. However the most common side effect is the water retention, but this can be relieved with Liothyronine Sodium, or its brand name Cytomel.

Finding Somatropin for sale is not that hard, although it can be quite expensive to buy in your local gym stores, which is why it is recommended to buy Somatropin online, as this can save you quite some money. However be extra careful as there are a lot of counterfeit Somatropin, and only the ones with 191 amino-acid sequence are the ones that are legit. There are other variations which can be as effective but they are the same hormone and can lead to more severe side effects. Sadly it has been banned as a performance enhancing supplement in the US and is also on the ban list for many sports communities.