The Essential Diet And Exercise Tips For Your Best Bulking Cycle Ever

During your best bulking cycle, you’ll pack on a considerable amount of lean muscle mass, surpass your peak performance and increase your overall endurance. More importantly, you’ll also experience few to no side effects. A bulking cycle doesn’t have to be unpleasant or incredibly hard on your body. Whether this is your first time using prohormone and legal steroid products or your first experience with a carefully formulated bulking stack, the following diet and exercise tips are essential for optimizing your experience.

Value Good Health Over Results

In the bodybuilding world, results are often prioritized over health. When you start a steroid bulking cycle, don’t make the mistake of considering calories and protein concentrations over total nutritional value. Stay away from the drive-thru window and eat a fresh, colorful and nutrient-dense diet that is comprised largely of foods that are served in their natural state. Think about the yoga, Pilates and aerobics enthusiasts you know and incorporate some of their mindful and all-natural dietary habits into your eating regimen. A diet that is rich with heart-healthy foods will keep common side effects like acne, digestive upset and high blood pressure at bay. Also, spend a bit more to get grass-fed, free range meats and cage-free eggs. Go for organic fruits and vegetables as much as you can. These efforts will ensure that you aren’t putting any additional and unnecessary toxins in your diet. If you make good health your foremost priority when taking the best bulking stack, you will invariably get excellent results.

Bone Broth And Egg Shells

Take note of what followers of the paleo diet are doing and start loading up on bone broth and egg shells. Both sound disgusting, but they also supply your body with tons of protein, magnesium and other vital nutrients. Once you’ve enjoyed a good t-bone, toss the bone into a pot with a few onions, garlic and celery stalks, add water and a dash of vinegar and then boil it on low for several hours. Some steroids are injectable and some are taken orally. In either case, both can leave bodybuilders feeling slightly nauseated, constipated and generally off balance in the digestive area. Bone broth heals and strengthens the digestive tract, builds up the joints and bones and boosts the immune system. It is a dietary essential while bulking and regular servings of this savory, flavorful liquid will help you pack on more lean muscle while limiting the amount of unwanted and excess fat that you’ll have to shed later on.

If you’re eating cage free eggs, take a minute to sterilize the egg shells by dipping them in boiling water. Then, toss these into the blender when making your shakes and smoothies. A good blender will grind these down to an inconspicuous powder that mixes right into the other ingredients. Whether drinking protein shakes for muscle support or smoothies to up your calorie consumption, add in a banana, some kale and some coconut water. These will pump up your potassium levels and help you maintain electrolyte balance, even as you’re sweating out massive amounts of fluids in your increasingly intense workouts.

Lubricate, Hydrate And Stretch For Elasticity

In many ways, the muscles are like large, flexible rubber bands. During bulking cycles, a lot of people hit the gym, exhaust themselves by tossing up massive amounts of weight non-stop and then shamble home in an elated state of fatigue. This is a large part of why intense bulking stacks cause serious problems for builders. Like any other person, your workout will need a defined beginning, middle and end. This means it should have a warm-up phase, a period of intense physical conditioning and then a cool-down phase when you stretch and lengthen your muscles. This final step will ensure that you still have a good range of motion for each limb, even as your muscles become much bulkier. It will also limit the likelihood of muscle spasms and joint pain throughout your bulking cycle. Remember, you don’t have to sacrifice flexibility for increased strength or mass.

During any steroid bulking cycle, always consume fatty fish as often as possible. Mackerel, tuna and salmon will keep your joints lubricated while fighting joint pain and inflammation. Also, add coconut oil and olive oil to you diet and eat pecans, walnuts, almonds and seeds liberally. Finally, keep yourself fully hydrated at all times, even if you have to constantly lug a gallon jug of water around with you.

Be Mindful Of How You Hydrate

When using bulking stacks, stick to water and coconut water for hydration. Bulking cycles often result in elevated blood pressure and you will find that this is largely connected to electrolyte balance or a failure to maintain it. Water is essential for fluid replacement, but moderate and consistent servings of coconut water will give you the magnesium and potassium you need for replacing lost electrolytes after lengthy and grueling workouts in a way that most sports drinks cannot.