The Good And Bad Side Of Anavar Steroid Supplement

Anavar is a steroid supplement befitting those who like to take their journey to a bulky body a little slower. It’s for the athlete or bodybuilder who enjoys the hard work as they appreciate the gradual transformation of their body. But Anavar steroid is one of the underappreciated supplements in the fitness circles.

If you are wondering why not many people buy Anavar, here is the reason: compared to other steroid supplements, Anavar pills have a slower reaction in the body thus don’t give results within weeks. Most fitness trainers and athletes want results fast which is something Anavar wouldn’t do for you. But when dosed appropriately, the results can be really impressive for the patient bodybuilder.

Anavar Uses

Anavar for sale is FDA approved to be sold in pharmacies or medical centres. In fact, its use in the medical world equals that in the fitness world. Physicians use Anavar steroids to restore lost weight due to ailments like disease infections, surgery, and prolonged use of corticosteroids or muscle atrophy from diseases like HIV.

The steroid also alleviates pain from bone degenerating diseases like arthritis and osteoporosis. Anavar may also be used, to some extent, to improve physical growth in children. The therapeutic qualities, as an anabolic steroid, also find many other applications in medicine.

For bodybuilders, there is an abundance of benefits to achieve from doping with Anavar for sale. Because the steroid  doesn’t aromatize, it means you only gain lean muscle towards the end of your steroid cycle. However, this steroid supplement does little about water retention, which is why you don’t bulk twice as much as those doping with steroid supplements like Durabolin. But you get equally pleasing results in the long run.

When it comes to shedding off unwanted body fat, the steroid is a perfect addition to your cutting cycle. If you are not involved in any heavy sporting activity or daily workouts, Anavar helps you burn as much unwanted body fat transforming it into energy. This boosts your endurance and gives you the body you have always wanted. Anavar steroid helps you diet better keeping those calories in check.

Dosing with Anavar

Anavar steroids are administered orally as advised by a doctor or fitness trainer. Because of the mild action of the steroid , a dosage of 2 to 4 pills a day is recommended to get maximum effects of the hormone Oxandrolone contained in the pills.

Anavar works in the same way as most of its steroid counterparts in the market. The Oxandrolone in it catalyses protein cells to rapidly multiply body. These protein blocks then attach to body tissues gradually increasing the size of the muscle. The only difference here is that Anavar for sale takes its sweet time to complete this process, thus the results won’t be faster.

For the bodybuilder who doesn’t want to feel like they are cheating on their workouts. Anavar steroids work in the background motivating you to keep going until you achieve the body of your dreams.

The Side Effects of Anavar

As mild as Anavar steroids are in how they work, they can bring forth adverse effects if not dosed correctly. One of the side effects that should be a concern is the hepatotoxicity of the steroid due to the C17-aa addition to its chemical bond. This toxic element does not sit well with your liver, which overworks to get rid of the excess toxins.

Oxymetholone in the steroid  also inhibits the breakdown of HDL cholesterol in the body. This will not be good for your cardiovascular functions. This is why it’s important to first see your doctor for advice if you have a history of cholesterol problems.

Another common side effect of Anavar pills is the suppression of testosterone in the body. If this goes on for a while, it will affect your overall masculine features creating estrogenic effects like gynaecomastia. Always add testosterone doses to your steroid cycle to keep this problem in check.

Bottom Line

Anavar is an anabolic steroid perfect for the gradual build-up of lean muscle and boosted energy. Before incorporating the steroid supplement into any cycle, it’s important to have a health evaluation to determine if the product is right for you. You can buy Anavar online in pharmaceutical or fitness websites; just be sure you are purchasing from a legitimate company.