The Ins And Outs Of Prohormones

A prohormone is a chemically created compound that when taken can alert the existing hormones in the body to start amping up production. When it comes to bodybuilding or weight lifting the prohormone may be taken to help increase the supply of testosterone that the body is already producing on its own.

The best prohormone will be able to produce results in a short period of time. Some of the results that body builders or weight trainers who take the supplement may see include an increase in the overall muscle mass, increase in strength, an increase in endurance, and they will see a faster recovery time after a workout. Some users may notice that they have more facial hair, and even a more defined jaw line. They of course also have the ability to enhance sex drive.

The best prohormones on the market will specifically tell the buyer to use them in cycles. This simply means that they can be used for a specific period of time, which is generally about six weeks, and then they will take that much time off of the prohormones. Taking this type of supplement in cycles allows the body to produce hormones without being triggered to do so. This cycle is important as the body may grow to depend on the compounds in the prohormones to produce any testosterone on its own.

Many popular prohormones for sale on the market today include human growth hormones. Growth hormones are naturally produced by the pituitary gland, which typically begins the production as a person begins puberty. As people age the production of this hormone slows down. Taking a supplement with HGH or Human Growth Hormones in them can help boost the production of the hormone. Increasing this hormone could help with bone density, increase overall muscle mass, and it can help to decrease overall body fat. There are cautions that should be taken into consideration before choosing a supplemental product that contains HGH. Increased human growth hormones in healthy adult males could increase the chances of them having enlarged breasts, or gynecomastia. Increased growth hormones have also been known to cause joint and muscle pains as well as swelling in the arms and legs which is thought to be due to water retention.  They could also cause the natural blood sugar levels in a healthy adult to rise. Products that contain HGH, or human growth hormones in them are typically legal to purchase almost everywhere.

HMB, or beta-hydroxy beta-methylbutyrate, is a growth hormone supplement that has been under extensive review by scientists for some time. The Journal of Applied Physiology has revealed its findings on this supplement. The researchers found that HMB has the ability to increase overall muscle and strength. It also found that it helps with muscle breakdown of protein, and it can help with muscle repair. This product can also help with increasing muscle size, and it helps to increase endurance in those who take it. This product has been given an 8.4 out of a 10 overall rating by those who have tried it. Some boast about the effects of the product during a workout while some others did not see any results at all from it.

Taking a pro hormone has some risks, and these risks could be why it is not legal to purchase them in certain places. Some of the side effects of taking pro hormones include milder effects like acne or headaches, and some of the more serious side effects include liver damage and swollen prostate glands. While not everyone will have a reaction to the supplement it should be noted that if a person takes prohormone supplements and has any adverse reaction to them they should consult a physician right away.

It may be difficult to find any prohormones or prohormone supplements for sale today as they have been made illegal in many places. A note of caution for anyone looking to buy prohormones it should be noted that any supplement that includes methylated steroids should be completely avoided. This substance is known to cause liver damage. It should also be noted that drinking any alcohol while taking any type of prohormone or steroid should be halted as this leads to a greater chances of liver damage.